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Gain Access To Cashflow-Positive Government Funding For Certificate III in Retail

Positive Training is Australia's #1 Specialist In Food Retail Traineeships. If you're a food service business owner or franchisee, we can help you access Government training incentives per eligible employee to up-skill your staff – with a zero-risk, ‘no-funding, no-fee’ guarantee!

PLUS, we handle ALL the time-consuming paperwork for you to make this a 'no-brainer' decision. Contact us to find out more or call us right now on (03) 8841 1000.

The result is a more productive team, happier customers, and better training opportunities for your employees. Everyone wins!

The #1 obstacle most hardworking food service business owners and franchisees face today is staff and employee problems. Having a good business or franchise system is not enough anymore. You need to surround yourself with good people who share your values, beliefs and passions. That’s exactly what Positive Training helps you achieve, by showing you how to get more done through your people faster, with less effort and no resistance.

Positive Training is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that delivers cashflow-positive ‘Nationally Recognised’ retail traineeships and assessment programs to food retail businesses, Australia-wide.

7 Reasons To Choose Positive Training For Retail Traineeships


Training Will Put Cash In Your Pocket.

By training your staff through us you will get an incentive per employee from the Government. Because you get an incentive only when your staff actually complete their traineeship, you want to deal with a RTO with a high training completion rate. Ours is a stunning double the industry average - that means when you use Positive Training for your training, you’ll get double the Government incentives!


'No Funding, No Fee' Guarantee.

We guarantee to take your food retail business to the next level in outstanding customer service, without you being out-of-pocket. Instead of focusing on enrolment numbers, we focus on training completion rates. We do this because, the more staff you have complete the training the greater the amount of FULL incentive you receive. We will not charge you a cent until you have qualified to receive your Government funding. So, we’re on the same team, working for the same results.


Dealing With Us Is Simple And Hassle-Free

We will assign a Client Management Officer to you to enable our legendary ‘One-call Problem Resolution'. We'll also keep you continually updated so you know exactly the progress your employees are making throughout the training course (traineeship). Also, because we have implemented this program in 500+ quick serve retail businesses, we know exactly what to do to give you maximum results while minimising scheduling concerns and other possible distractions.


We Take Care Of All The Paperwork

Our administration team includes a Claims Management specialist to assist you with your claim forms 1236, 1237 and 1241. While most of our non-specialist competitors force you to complete the considerable amount of paperwork involved, we don’t. We lodge the Government claim forms for you so you can remain focused on your business without any unnecessary distractions or administrative burdens.


We Run A Successful Business

We have delivered face-to-face, market leading, award-winning customer service strategies to over 4000 staff in Food Retail businesses via a "cost-positive" government funded program. Positive Training has expanded from one key client to 500+ clients, securing those clients a colossal $20 million dollars in Government Training Incentives. We have the lowest staff turnover compared to other Registered Training Organisations. On top of that, we are fully compliant with the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF 2010).


We've Been On Your Side Of The Counter

James Grima, founder and Managing Director of Positive Training, is an evangelist for outstanding service. He has 20 years of hands-on multi-unit food retailing experience. He not only understands the deceptively complex franchising system, but also understands your daily challenges, problems and frustrations as a business owner in the food retail industry. It’s tough out there! You need someone who’s 'been there, done that' on your team. James imparts his substantial expertise to his team so you get his wealth of experience included in every traineeship Positive Training delivers.


We ONLY Focus On Food Retail Businesses

Our trainers understand your type of business inside out because that’s all we do - we train Food Retail staff. We have narrowed our focus to provide your employees with the most relevant and cutting-edge training, and to ensure you get to see results quicker. Because all our trainers possess hands-on food retail experience, our training course covers 7 sessions completed in a guaranteed timeframe, with an 89% attendance rate. This gets you faster results than some of our competitors' courses do. Our trainers have either owned or managed food retail businesses themselves, giving them in-depth knowledge of this highly competitive industry. The last thing you want is an ex-banker trying to teach your staff about customer service!

Having a strong team is not just critical to the survival
of your business – it is the key to profitability.


The only decision you face is picking the right Registered Training Organisation to ensure your staff are trained properly and professionally. We have trained over 4000 food service retail employees – we know what we’re doing. And we’ve given you 7 reasons why you should give us a call right now on (03) 8841 1000.

Don’t put this off to later, give us a call right now and we’ll take care of all the details for you – literally. It’s going to be that quick and easy!

Positively yours,

James Grima
Founder and Managing Director
Positive Training

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